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To book a BITESIZE Production for your school just call our Booking Office on 01978-358320 where our staff will be happy to give you further information and organise our visit to your school.

The Booking Office is normally open Monday to Friday 9.30am until 5.30pm.

Please note: If you get the answering machine you can...

1) Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

2) Send us an email on (But please give us details of your schools location, so we can provide you with suitable choices) and again we will get back to you.


3) Try us on 01978-756308 where someone may be available to help you.

Performance Times:
can offer you a performance Monday to Friday during school hours. We regret we cannot offer evening or weekend performances. We generally give two performances a day, one in the morning at around 9.30am and one in the afternoon at around 2pm, moving between schools over the lunch period. We will try our best to fit in with your individual requirements depending on availability and the distance we need to travel over the lunch period.

Provisional Bookings:
We do accept provisional bookings. These will be held for seven days after which time we do require them to be Confirmed by Telephone. We will not consider this to be a firm booking until it has been Confirmed, after which we will send out a Confirmation of Booking by email to you with information about our visit to your school.

The most commonly asked questions about our visit

1) Just checking that you are still coming.
Once you have made a booking with BITESIZE
, you should assume that if we have NOT been in touch with you, then the Company will arrive on the date stated on the Confirmation of Booking; in time to perform at the time stated. The Confirmation of Booking will be sent to you (by email) a few days after you have made your booking. A copy of the Confirmation is sent again when we send out the Invoice; this will be in the middle of the month before our visit is due. If there is a problem of any kind we will let you know as soon as we are aware of it. Please Note: We do, very occasionally, make mistakes on the Confirmation of Booking and these mistakes can sometimes not come to light until very near the performance date, so it is very important that you check the information on the Confirmation of Booking when it arrives.

2) What time will you arrive at the school ?
The Company will arrive approximately one hour before the performance Start Time
you have agreed. (The Start Time is the time quoted on all BITESIZE correspondence.) We need this time to unload, construct the set, and prepare for the performance. In order to start on time your children need to be in the hall and seated on time, so we will ask you to have them ready to enter the hall 10 to 15 mins before the start time. Please note that the show cannot be cut or shortened, but will run to time. The exact running time of the show can be checked with the Liaison on the day. We will also require at least hour after the show to clear our equipment from your hall. So please ensure that the space to be used for the performance is free for the hour before the Start Time, for the time of the performance and for hour after the show has ended. If our time in your school, encroaches on other uses of the space (e.g. dinners, breakfast clubs etc.) please inform the relevant staff that we will be there, and that we will require the space for the period stated including the time before and after the show.

3) What facilities do you require ? Will you be using the Stage ?
We will NOT be able to use your stage and due to the amount of audience contact in BITESIZE productions, we prefer to perform with the audience sitting on the floor and NOT on chairs (EXCEPT for those members of the audience who are Wheelchair users, or have special seating requirements). On entering the hall the audience will be seated on the floor, in rows, flat on to the actors.

All BITESIZE shows are directed to be performed on the same level as the audience and so if you have a stage & think you might have problems getting all of your pupils into the space; then why not turn things around, allowing us to perform on the floor & have some of the audience sit on the stage.

You should allow us 6 metres from the narrowest wall in order to construct the set; the rest of the area can be used for the audience. We will also require access to two or three 13amp sockets and if possible, half a dozen gym mats and some chairs for the actors. The hall should, where possible, be clear of all other gym equipment etc. We will bring everything else we require, although if you were to offer a cup of tea or coffee, we would be very grateful.

4) Can the children / caretaker help you move your things ?
Although grateful for the offer, we have to decline your help. The equipment can be heavy, and in some cases easily damaged; it is packed in order; and in bad weather we need to ensure that it does not spend too much time outside; and so it is best if the Company is left to shift the set, equipment etc. in and out by themselves.

5) Can we take Photographs \ a Video of the show ?
The taking of Video or Sound Recordings of the show is strictly PROHIBITED. This includes iPADs or other tablets or Laptops. If a Video camera is seen being use, then the performance will be stopped, immediately. This is an infringement of our Copyright and those of the performers and directors. We also discourage the taking of Flash Photographs during the performance as this can be distracting both to the performers and to the audience. However, it is sometimes possible for photographs to be taken at specific points during a show (e.g. during audience participation) or after the performance has finished. PLEASE ask the Liasion before the performance begins, if and when this is possible.

6) Why do I have to pay for the show beforehand ?
We send our invoices out between the 12th and 15th of the month prior to the month of our visit. OUR TERMS ARE STRICTLY 30 DAYS. i.e. The invoice MUST BE paid within 30 days of issue. This means that, for most people, payment is due shortly before our visit. You can pay us through your LEA but the invoice should be sent on to your LEA IMMEDIATELY, so that we still get paid within the time allowed. Please DO NOT give cheques to any of the visiting company, please post them to BITESIZE at the address on your invoice.

7) Do you give discounts ?
We are able to offer schools a 10% discount if they book two shows in the same morning. Other than that we are sorry. We do our utmost to keep all of our prices as low as we can manage and so they are always very competitive.

8) What happens if you don't turn up ?
Very occasionally problems do arise, but in our case these are fortunately few and far between. If we have a problem, you will be informed immediately. If the problem is one which will mean a short delay in our arrival, we will endeavour to start as near to the arranged Start Time as possible. If the problem is larger, then we will do our best to arrange with you an alternative time/date for our visit. If we are unable to find you a suitable alternative then we will give you an immediate and full refund.

9) Complaints !
BITESIZE, we are always striving to improve our procedures and our service to our customers. We pride ourselves on the Quality of the productions we send into schools. Our audiences invariably enjoy our shows and teachers find them excellent value for money.

However, we do, occasionally, make mistakes. We try our best to keep them to a minimum, for those we make we can only apologise.

Also relatively infrequently, we arrive at schools late. This is almost always due to circumstances beyond our control; e.g. Motorway accidents, road works etc. We always allow an amount of slack time in all of our journeys to and between schools to cater for small delays, but it is impossible for us to predict, avoid or cater for every eventuality. No one can allow for the two hour delay caused by an accident on the motorway.

On the very few occasions when we have received a complaint from a school, we have taken them very seriously and tried to deal with those complaints fairly, endeavouring to ensure any problem is rectified and resolved to the schools satisfaction.

At BITESIZE we appreciate your feedback, so if you have any comment to make, good or bad, on BITESIZE productions then please e-mail them to

For your further information

Like School Staff, all BITESIZE personnel are checked by the DBS under the Protection of Children Act.
(You should note that this is not common practice for other Theatre Company's who visit schools.)

All BITESIZE personnel will be wearing BITESIZE Security badges showing their name, DBS no. and photograph.

The Company is fully-insured.

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