The Groundlings Theatre

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1 Megan Robertsoni2 Steph Daviesi3 Cascadei4 Cascadei5 Caitlin Welshi6 Rachel Halli7 Becky Halli8 Pat & Derek Boothi9 Wimyta Electrics Ltd.i10 Faye Wiggini11 Georgia Mackayi12 Amy Walker G

13 Myra Booth-Cockcroft14 Laura Hayes15 Emily Williams16 Kate Parks17 First Class Photography18 Fred Norman19 Mike & Anita Welsh20 Hayley Warner21 Daniel Lee-Davies22 Steve Cattell23 Emily Gresham24 The Lodge Family F

25 Pauline & John Lodge26 Alastair Fleming27 Hana Owens28 Hana Owens29 Sam Doddman30 Lewys Hedd Jones31 East of Eden32 Gemma Jones33 Rhianna Megan Jones34 Tracey Jones35 Allan Jones36 Mr. David Griffiths E

37 Mrs. D. Griffiths38 Sam Mitchell39 Norma Rowles40 Robert & Katy Whitley41 Pat Davies42 Alfie Newell43 Robert Brida44 Dylan Hayes45  Ray & Ann Powell46 Catherine Powell47  Hannah Gallimore48 Hayley's Grandma D

49 Hayley's Grandma Gill50 Peggy Griffiths51 In Memory of Beryl & John Stratford - Durham52  In Memory of George & Georgina Williams53  McLintocks54 Liberty Travel Ltd.55 The Gallimore Family56  Richard Colley57  Megan Eayrs58  The Gallimore Family59  Hannah Davies60  Sian & Bethan Williams C

61 Andrea Powell62  Mary Ludden63  Peter Huyton64 Grove Park Theatre65  Grove Park Theatre66 Ken Jones6768697071  Peggy Griffiths72  The McBain Family B

73747576 Fred Street77 Catrin Street-Mattox78 Barbara Street79 Carl Mattox80 Jo Street81828384 A

The following People, Companies and Organisations have helped us with the creation of the Groundlings Theatre and have our sincere thanks.

The Arts Council of Wales

Kronospan Redrow Homes Gladedale
Cllr. David Griffiths, Mayor of WrexhamCllr. David Griffiths, Mayor of Wrexham

Mr. & Mrs. H. Gallimore

Blackbrook Plumbing

PE Kitchens Colour Supplies, Wrexham

B&Q, Wrexham HSS Hire Intertek