Beauty & the Beast


Prince Henry's Castle

The servants don't like working there. Quick! Before Prince Henry sees this mess. Get this off me ! It's all Sarah's fault She burnt the roast Prince Henry arrives and berates his servants for their poor work Please don't cut our wages again.

The Sorceress turns Henry into a Beast

Merano - The happy villagers Merano famous for it's bracing air The lovely Belle Fleshcreep declares his love for Belle Belle's father - Mr. Duchant Belle His little grey cells have been working overtime.

Mr. Duchant's strange new invention strange and noisy new invention At least it didn't blow up I will take it to the big city and make our fortune Belle's lovely sisters; Nicole and Angelica I'm prettier than she is ! She owes it all to Polyfilla Are you saying I'm fat ? Now! Stop this bickering girls.

Mr. Duchant is found by the Beast. The only servant left is Sarah but the Postman, the Window-cleaner and the Dustbinman have been captured by the Beast Once you're here the Beast won't let you leaveWe should sing to cheer ourselves up Let's all sing the Sausage Song

Fleshcreep comforts Belle Belle goes to the Beast's castle in place of her Father

Fleshcreep rounds up the villagers and they march on the Beast's castle The Beast is fatally wounded.