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BITESIZE brings you a scintillating theatrical experience for everyone when Sinbad meets the Pirates of Penzance in their spectacular production of the Golden Voyage of Sinbad. A traditional pantomime with a twist. The evil magician, Ali Kazam, takes over Bagdad and will only leave if Sinbad can bring him a tooth from the terrible sea dragon of Lazar. Sinbad leaps to the challenge aided by Tom the cabin-boy, Sarah the Cook, and his friends, the famous (or is it infamous) Pirates of Penzance. Enjoy the smells and sounds of an arab market place in your school hall, and then there's a 15ft Pirate ship, a Dragon & a mermaid. All this and Gilbert & Sullivan too. The emphasis of this traditional BITESIZE show is storytelling and audience enjoyment and involvement. Bright, lively and colourful and suitable for all ages with over 15 characters; played by a cast of 5; full set, costumes, lights and sound it has everything you need to make the season go with a bang. There's a Dame, Heroes, Baddies, Songs, Laughs, Groans, audience participation ;"Oh no, there's not ! Oh yes, there is !"; and much, much more. Fun and enjoyment for everyone guaranteed.
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad


When the audience arrive, they are greeted by the sights, smells and sounds of the busy Baghdad Market which is in full swing. Snake Charmers, Belly Dancers, Carpet Sellers, Sellers of Exotic Spices, Jugglers and Acrobats, move among the crowds. Into this busy scene comes, our hero, Sinbad the Sailor. After many years of sailing the high seas and dozens of adventures, he has settled in Baghdad, and in grateful thanks for defeating an Evil Magician called Ali Kazam, they people have made him their King, and he has proved to be a good ruler. There have seven years of peace and prosperity. Baghdad is now a magnet for all seafaring adventurers including the famous Pirates of Penzance. And every one is happy..... well nearly everyone

The Black PigThe Pirates of PenzanceAs Sinbad greets the traders he passes he meets young Tom who is shopping for his mother, Sarah the Cook. Sarah runs the Admiral Benbow, the local hostelry where the Pirates hang out. They don't go to sea anymore, having given up attacking ships since Sinbad convinced them to turn over a new leaf and become good guys. But now all they do is sit around the tavern all day being miserable. "That's terrible !", exclaims Sinbad, " I must try and find something for them to do". But before he can the evil Ali Kazam returns in a pillar of smoke and a magical crack of thunder. Everyone runs away except Sinbad. And like all Baddies, intent on world domination, the first thing Ali Kazam does is tell us his evil plan to take over the city and become the new ruler of the World! However, if Sinbad can bring him a tooth from of the Terrible Sea Dragon of Lazar by noon the next day, Ali Kazam will leave forever and never return. Smug in the knowledge that he has set Sinbad an impossible task, Ali Kazam, disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sinbad sees this as a way of getting the Pirates out of the doldrums and sets off immediately for Sarah's Tavern, where he soon convinces the bored Pirates to join his great adventure. "When Tom was just a little lad", he dreamed of a life on the Ocean Waves, and he begs the Pirate King and Sinbad to let him serve as cabin-boy on the voyage. But Sarah isn't happy, her husband Ben was lost at sea and she can't bear to think of the same fate befalling young Tom, so she decides to go too... as a stowaway.

The Pirates; Walker the Plank, Vermin, Swash and Buckle and, of course, The Pirate King "Hurrah for our Pirate King!"; lead Sinbad and Tom to their trusty ship, the Black Pig and soon they are underway. Their destination....the Island of Lazar.

A MermaidBut Ali Kazam will leave nothing to chance and decides to make the Black Pig's voyage a little more difficult. First, he becalms them. But the Pirates refuse to be downhearted and use the break to do a little fishing so they can have fish and chips for tea, but when the catch is taken to the galley, the Pirates discover their stowaway, and decide that she is the cause of their windless predicament. "It's bad luck to have a woman onboard". They all agree they have no choice but to throw her overboard in the hope that this will bring back the wind. Sarah struggles and before they can succeed a Mermaid appears. The Pirates are stunned and mesmerised by the beautiful creature, but she will only speak to Sarah. "Just as well I was here. Since she says that a Mermaid's voice will enchant any man who hears it". So all the men go down below until she goes. Once they are alone, the Mermaid teaches Sarah (and the audience) a spell which will make the wind come back. But they are overheard by Ali Kazam, who calls upon his Wind Demons to create a tremendous hurricane, which capsizes the ship, throwing everyone overboard.

Fortunately, they are all washed up separately on a desert island, thinking they are the only one to survive, they bemoan the others being drowned. But soon they are all reunited and realising that this is the island of Lazar, they set out "With cat like tred" to find it's Terrible Sea Dragon. But the first creature they encounter is a strange little man with a very long beard and clothes made out of leaves and coconut shells, who takes exception to their invasion of his Island. The Pirates conclude that he is mad, but when Sarah arrives she recognises him as her long lost husband Ben, and the family is reunited. Suddenly, the Pirates hear a terrible roar, and assuming that it belongs to the Dragon, they follow the sound until they find it.

The Terrible Sea Dragon of LazarRather than being a terrifying creature they were expecting the Dragon turns out to be quite nice, and it just so happens that he has a very bad toothache, which makes him roar all day and all night. Sinbad offers to give the Dragon a helping hand by removing the tooth, and in exchange for his services, asks the dragon if they can keep the tooth. The dragon agrees, but warns that it possesses magical powers. Now it is clear to everyone why Ali Kazam wanted the Sea Dragon's tooth.

They find that the Black Pig is safe, and they all quickly climb on board. "we must get the tooth back to Baghdad before the deadline".

While Sinbad has been away from Baghdad, Ali Kazam has been making himself at home. The people are so scared they won't leave their houses, as the deadline approaches, the Magician is sure that he has won... but then how could he lose. However, just in the nick of time Sinbad arrives back with the tooth, but Ali Kazam refuses to keep to his side of the bargain. But all is not lost, Sarah gets the audience to help her with the Mermaid's Spell and they turn Ali Kazam into a toad, but Sinbad asks that they turn him instead into a very nice man, which they do.

Golden Voyage of Sinbad


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