Sleeping Beauty

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Fairy LilacSleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a baby Princess is born... only to be cursed by the wicked Fairy Dredd, to die on her 16th birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Everyone is horrified, so it's up to Fairy Lilac to save the Princess... with a little the help from the audience, of course. BITESIZE have created a wonderful version of the traditional Perrault story of Sleeping Beauty, combining modern storytelling and musical theatre to create a magical experience for young and old alike. Bright, lively and colourful and suitable for all ages, with over 15 characters; played by a cast of 5; full set, costumes, lights, sound and bubbles; it has everything you need to make the season go with a bang and a pop. Lots of fun for children of all ages and enjoyment for everyone guaranteed. Audience participation. ("Oh, no there's not...Oh, yes there is"). Visual Comedy. Slapstick.The sausage song. ("Oh, no! Not the sausage song") A handsome Prince, lots of Fairies.
and, of course, a happy ending. In fact, everything you'd want to start Christmas off with a bang.

Fairy LilacSleeping Beauty


Our story of Sleeping Beauty begins in a school, in fact, in your school, where the famous Bitesize Theatre Company are performing one of their Christmas shows. I say famous because their presence in the school has prompted a little old lady to come in to watch for a bit. Somehow she looks familiar. She wears a large black overcoat, a black hat with flowers and a rainbow knitted scarf and she is carrying a lilac umbrella with a ducks head handle, a large tapestry Gladstone bag and an old battered suitcase. She says she's on her way to visit her family and as she perches on her suitcase she offers to tell the audience a story; the story of Sleeping Beauty, because as it turns out that she's really a Fairy; Fairy Lilac; the same Fairy Lilac that saved the Sleeping Beauty all those years ago. And to everyone's delight she takes out her wand and transports the audience back in time to the beginning of the story.

Spinning Wheel.....Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the baby Princess Aurora is born and all the fairies of the land have been invited to the christening. And each in turn bestow her gift on the baby Princess. Fairy Scarlet gives her the gift of Love; Fairy Snow gives Purity; Fairy Blue gives the gift of Dreams; and Fairy Green gives her Greenfingers. ....well, I say all of the fairies in the land were invited, that is all except one - the evil Fairy Dredd. And just to show that she isn't in the least upset by this obvious snub she has also chosen a gift for the baby Princess; a curse that when she is sixteen, Aurora will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. The other Fairies are horrified.

Fairy Lilac, offers to use her gift to the Princess to alter, Fairy Dredd's spell so that the effect of the spinning wheel's prick will not be fatal. Instead of dying, the Princess will fall into a deep sleep, one so deep it will last one hundred years. However, if before that time, a handsome Prince should kiss the sleeping Princess, she will awaken immediately. "After all, how many handsome Princes come along in a girl's lifetime ?

Hearing of Fairy Dredd's curse, Aurora's parents; the King and Queen; order that all Spinning Wheels in the kingdom are destroyed. The task is given to Mr. Johnson; a kind of general factotum to the King; and the Royal Gardeners. Unfortunately, none of them are sure what a Spinning Wheel looks like and so initially they collect lots of different types of wheels, but none of them are Spinning Wheels. They decide to get some help from the audience to construct a picture of a Spinning Wheel, so they know what to look for.

Aurora grows up happy and beautiful and one day while she is walking in the woods she meets the handsome Prince Stefan, from the neighbouring kingdom. The hit it off straight away.

Our story rushes forward to the time to Princess Aurora's 16th Birthday. The time of Fairy Dredd's expected curse. Fairy Lilac has invited all of the other Fairies to a meeting to discuss a plan of action, unfortunately, Fairy Dredd turns up and remains confident in the power of her spell, even when Fairy Lilac lets it slip that the King has had all of the Spinning Wheels in the land destroyed. "Are you sure they didn't miss.. just.. one." Her surety unnerves the other Fairies and they decide to hide the Princess in a small, unknown cottage in the middle of the forest just in case. The Royal Gardeners are in charge of getting Aurora to the cottage unseen, on the basis that they would be inconspicuous in the forest. But they become scared in the dark and lose the Princess in the Forest. Fairy Dredd however, has a way of turning up when she's least wanted, and she lures Aurora away, taking her to another cottage where she has hidden the last remaining Spinning Wheel. Aurora is fascinated by a thing she has only heard tales of and touched the sharp spindle... pricks her finger and falls down dead. Fairy Dredd leaves in triumph, just as the other Fairies arrive. With the help of the audience they are able to stop Aurora from dying but she drops into a deep, deep sleep which will last 100 years. That is, if they don't use Plan B. Again with the audience's help they conjure up the handsome Prince Stephan, who, seeing how beautiful Aurora is when she's asleep, kisses her gently. As if by magic, for that is what it is, Aurora wakes up and falls gratefully into Stefan's waiting arms. They will live happily ever after. Everyone celebrates a great victory, except, of course, for Fairy Dredd, who was so upset at losing, she went to live on the dark side of the moon and has never been heard again.

Lots of Fairies!
Snow, Green, Lilac, Blue and Scarlet but never mention Fairy


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