Mirror! Mirror! on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? The emphasis of this traditional BITESIZE show is storytelling and audience enjoyment and involvement. Using Grimm's tale as the starting point, for this exciting and entertaining version of the Snow White story, BITESIZE provide a mixture of gripping storytelling with knockabout comedy and musical theatre to create a show which will captivate young audiences and entertain everyone. Bright, lively and colourful and suitable for all ages. With over 15 characters; played by a cast of 6; full set, costumes, lights and sound they have everything you need to make the season go with a bang. There's a Dame, Heroes, Baddies, Songs, Laughs, Groans, audience participation ;"Oh no, there's not ! Oh yes, there is !"; and much, much more. Fun and enjoyment for everyone guaranteed.